Landscape Design Packages

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Camelot Design will work with you to create a landscape design package that is within your budget and schedule. The packages below are the most popular among our customers because they address the most common Colorado landscape problems as well as offer the most opportunity for achieving the landscape of one’s dreams.


Landscape Design Consultation + Site Assessment

One hour assessment of your Colorado landscape/garden site to determine goals and objectives, assess problems, answer questions, and recommend solutions. The consultation is a great introduction to Camelot Design and all that we offer. After the in-person assessment you will have a good understanding of how we work and learn which of our design packages will work best for your unique project scope and situation.

  • This assessment is conducted in-person, at your property, and takes one hour (including time for a summary report)
  • Summary write-up of our in-person landscape assessment includes:
    • what your vision is for using the outdoor space
    • your ideas for what you want to do
    • landscape problems needing resolved (noise, privacy, erosion, grading, tree roots, saving water etc.)
    • best opportunities for improvements
    • our recommended priorities of what should be done when
  • Does not include a sketch design or drawing


Package #1:  Landscape Consultation + Site Assessment + Drawing 

This package includes the on-site landscape/garden site assessment with summary report (see above) plus:

  • A drawing by landscape design expert Carole Kastler of Camelot Design of one area of the site (not to scale). The drawing is done by hand on grid paper and will show designer’s ideas for one area of your yard (not entire landscape)
  • The drawing will include recommendations for Colorado landscape plants, landscape construction information, and any hardscape details (walls, pathways, decks, patios, boulders etc.) that you need to keep in mind
  • Revisions to the drawing are not included, but we do offer drawing revisions for an additional fee
  • The drawing you receive is contractor-ready. The drawing isn’t as detailed as our packages below, but it is a ‘working drawing’ that contractors can use to provide you with an estimate for implementation.


Package #2:  Consultation + Site Assessment + To-Scale Drawing for either Front Yard or Back Yard

Same as Package #1 but instead of a basic drawing you will receive a ‘to-scale’ drawing of your choice of front or back yard. A scaled drawing means that we take exact measurements of the area and draw them in a much smaller dimension on the paper, depending on the size of scale used. Most landscape plans are drawn to a scale of 1:10, which means that 10 feet on the ground equals 1 inch on paper. For example, a 100-foot driveway would be 10 inches on paper.

Specifications on the to-scale drawing include:

If you want to-scale drawings of both your front and back yards just let us know! Additional fees will apply.


Package #3:  Landscape Consultation + Site Assessment + Drawings of 3 to 4 areas of the landscape

Want more than one area of your yard addressed but not the entire yard/landscape around the home?  Perhaps you’re happy with the front yard and entry, but want to address the space along the side of the house and also two areas of the back yard. This value-laden package is for you! This is our most popular package and includes:

  • Everything in Package #1 plus:
  • Drawings of 3-4 areas (total) of the landscape, created on-site during a second, separate meeting
  • First we meet with you for the consultation and site assessment and then arrange a separate visit to the site to measure and draw out each of 3-4 areas (maximum) with all specifications
  • Does not include a fully detailed master plan (with preliminary drawings and revisions) appropriate for contractors and permits. If you need a contractor-ready plan, see Package #4 below, which includes a master plan that contractors use to implement their work on the project
  • Revisions to the drawings are not included, but we do offer drawings revisions for an additional fee
  • Want a year-round maintenance calendar and detailed lighting plans too? Check out Package #4 below


Package #4: Landscape Design Consultation + Site Assessment + Master Landscape Design

This value-packed package gives you our on-site landscape or garden assessment as mentioned above but instead of 3 – 4 drawings you get a contractor-ready master plan for all of your landscape (or any specific areas if you prefer) requiring a fully-detailed design plan complete with lighting and maintenance requirements.  This is our most robust package and includes:

  • Fully detailed master landscape design with contractor-ready blueprints.
  • Preliminary scaled drawings
  • Completed master design blueprints
  • Detailed plant list
  • Construction details and schedule
  • Landscape lighting plan
  • Irrigation recommendations
  • Hardscape specifications
  • Landscape maintenance calendar (year-round) specific to your design and including details of what to do when in your newly customized Colorado landscape


Services for Homeowner Associations, Commercial Properties and Churches

Camelot Design’s landscape design assessment and maintenance recommendations will provide guidelines for updating of property including renovations, revisions, and maintenance requirements.


Services for Landscape Management

For an additional fee, we will provide oversight on contractors, bidding, contract specifications, and implementation of your landscape project.


Specialty Services Specific to Outdoor ‘Rooms’

Specific to small areas of larger landscapes as well as courtyards, roof-top gardens, outdoor kitchens, patios, fire and water features. We also provide the following service:

  • Design of color areas such as annual flowers, containers, and planter boxes (sorry, we don’t do the actual planting and are happy to refer you to someone who is outstanding at this type of work).