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More snow is on the way! Tips for early spring protection.
  • Posted:
  • April 2, 2017

Wet, heavy moisture predicted overnight into tomorrow.

Overnight temperatures will be in the 20’s. Here’s a short list for what to do to keep your landscape and gardens protected.

  • Be sure and unhook your garden hoses!
  • If the temperatures are dropping below freezing overnight, and a frost is predicted, you probably don’t need to worry, as long as the daytime temperatures will rise above freezing (we’re expecting 55 degrees by Sunday).
  • Most spring bulbs won’t be phased at all by short periods of cold and frost. And a heavy snow like we’re expecting isn’t likely to cause damage, as snow actually acts as an insulating blanket, protecting the foliage and buds from extreme fluctuations in temperature. If your spring bulbs are in flower and you don’t want them bent over by the snow, cover them with a cardboard box or bucket.
  • Buds and blooms are more susceptible to the cold. The closer they are to blooming, the more prone they are to damage by frigid temperatures. If you have tulips or other bulbs in bloom, it might be wise to cover them, or cut the blooms to enjoy indoors in a vase.The flowers may appear to have withstood the cold without damage, but as the flower stalk thaws, it may become soft and droopy, and be unable to support the weight of the bloom.
  • Heavy wet snow can accumulate on trees – use a broom to gently push up on the branches to shake the snow off before it has time to accumulate and break branches.