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Mow over leaves and leave them!
  • Posted:
  • November 2, 2018

If you mow your leaves and leave them on top of the lawn, you will save yourself time and back-breaking work raking, bagging and pulling heavy bags out to the curb.

You will help to cut down the 8 million tons of leaves that end up in landfills nationwide each autumn. In landfills, leaves create methane gas that heightens global warming.

On your lawn, mulched leaves:

  • Create nutrients and thereby reduce fertilizer needs.
  • Help maintain soil moisture.
  • After three consecutive years, can reduce or eliminate crabgrass and dandelions.

Follow these steps to get the job done quickly:

  • Sweep or rake leaves from paved surfaces onto the lawn
  • Raise mower height as high as possible
  • Make a couple passes over the lawn to ensure good mulching and mow weekly, as needed, until leaves have stopped falling.
  • Use mulched leaves to provide organic matter in other areas of the yard. Place them around trees, perennials, shrubs and in the veggie garden.

Mulching leaves with your mower will protect your back and the planet!