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Time to prep your rain barrel!
  • Posted:
  • March 22, 2019

In August 2016, a new law allowed Colorado residents to install a rain barrel on residential properties. If you’ve been using a rain barrel, it’s the time to think about taking it out of winter storage and preparing it for the 2019 season.

Clean it up, make sure the ground is level where you place it, and make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean so that water will flow properly into the barrel.

If you don’t yet have a rain barrel but have wanted to give it a try, now is the time to order or assemble one for your property. May is typically the wettest month in Colorado, so you should have your barrel in place in time for the most rainwater collection.

Rain barrels offer a sustainable option for using the water that falls on your property to maintain gardens and other plants. Two full barrels provide enough water to irrigate about 180 sq. ft. of vegetable garden or lawn. They can potentially provide half the water required by this space during one growing season.

Rain barrels are not a ‘set it and forget it’ form of irrigation.  They require careful maintenance. You’ll need to check it regularly for debris, clean it, replace the screen as needed, and—like any irrigation tool—winterize it at the end of the season.

If the water is not used up regularly, it’s important to empty it occasionally. Monitoring where any overflow ends up can help prevent flooding around the house’s foundation.

There are plenty of DIY rain barrel tutorials on YouTube, but it is strongly recommended that consumers purchase one from a trustworthy company. Re-purposing something into a rain barrel can be a problem if not done properly or without forethought.


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