Fall has just begun and now it’s time to think about putting our landscape and plants to bed for fall and winter.

It’s a good time to give plants a little extra TLC that will pay off in a healthier and nicer landscape next spring.

September and early October are critical times for plant care and moisture. Even with the nights cooling off—maybe you’re looking ahead and shutting down our sprinklers to avoid damage from an early freeze—you should keep watering.

The worst thing you can do for your lawn and garden is to allow it to become drought stressed just prior to winter. Drought stress will push the lawn into early dormancy, causing it to shut down its energy before the grass has time to store nutrients needed to survive the winter months.

But you should probably slow your watering schedule. Hopefully you are watering your landscape by the temperature, not by the date. If high daytime temperatures continue, you might need to keep watering three times a week. Then, as you get into winter, water every two weeks if temperatures reach 40 degrees or above—but only in those conditions. Don’t water when there are freezing temperatures—that can result in damage to your plants.

  • Talk with Camelot Design about fertilizer—your plants may need food to keep healthy through winter.
  • Pull any weeds you see—any weed that you can eliminate this fall will mean fewer weeds you have to deal with next spring.
  • Put down mulch on your flower beds to help them regulate soil temperature over the winter and keep your bulbs and seeds healthy