Now that the rain seems to be slowing down and we are entering 90-degree days, what should we be looking out for in our gardens?

With these warmer days the existing planting in your garden may start to look as if they need more water. Some leaves will become droopy in the hot part of the day, however it may not mean they need water. Plants wilt when roots are unable to supply sufficient moisture to the stems and leaves. Wilting for short periods of time does not harm plants. Sometimes a plant wilts on a hot day because moisture is evaporating from the leaves faster than the roots can take it up. If there is ample soil moisture, the plant will absorb water in the evening to restore turgor to the stems and leaves. You could end up doing more damage by giving them water when they really do not need it.

What if the plant does not bounce back in the evening?

  1. Feel the ground with your finder, if it’s moist past your first knuckle its not a lack of water. It may mean that the soil is over compacted hindering the ability to uptake water.
  2. If the leaves are yellowing, it could mean that the plant has had to much water. Most plants that are newly planted die due to overwatering.
  3. It is actually dry, and you should water more!