It can be difficult to know if stuff about gardening that we read on the internet (or hear from others) is true.

In this article from The Old Farmer’s Almanac helps to dispel commonly believed myths related to gardening, and will save you time, money, and wasted effort too.

Take a look at commonly held beliefs and garden advice topics, and see if you know which are true, and which are myths:

  • Add sand to improve clay soil
  • Water droplets burn leaves
  • Pine needles acidify soil
  • Dress tree wounds and cuts
  • Sugared soil gives sweet tomatoes
  • Planting in rows is best
  • Problems in the garden? Add more compost to the soil
  • Leftover tea makes a great fertilizer
  • Top a tree to control the height
  • Add a layer of gravel to the bottom of containers to improve drainage

Click here to find out which is true and which is false, or sort of not true.