Our Design Process

We just saw your (landscape design) plan. As usual, your design combines our preferences and needs with your plant knowledge and creativity. We are so pleased!

– Helen, Littleton Colorado


We visit your site to consult and plan ideas for what you desire, what the budget and timeframes are, and make an on-the-spot analysis of what is possible. This takes approximately one hour and because it is so custom to you and your outdoor space, consultations are by appointment only.

As we walk through your space we discuss what your desires are in using the space, ideas you have gathered, your budget, and how much of the work you would like to do yourself, if any. Based on the outcome of that conversation as well as what Camelot Design assesses of the site as we walk the it, we will offer ideas, point out concerns/opportunities such as drainage or views, and suggest in general terms the type of design that will be a good fit for you given the outdoor space and your budget.


Landscape Design

We offer a master plan design for your landscape. A master design is the direct product of the collaborative effort between Camelot Design and you. Your priorities, budget, timeline and a breakout of the work to be done are established. The master design includes a detailed plant list, recommended construction materials, and intricate elevations and diagrams as needed.


Sketch Plan

This is different from the Landscape Design above. A sketch plan is a less detailed, smaller scale plan of one priority area of your outdoor space. During a one hour meeting on site, a working drawing is created. This sketch often includes the lines that a new patio or shrub bed would follow, plant material and other elements that are recommended for that portion of your site.


Landscape Construction

Camelot Design works with you to help gather bids for the construction work, prioritizes each phase of construction, and works closely with your chosen contractor (or recommends one to you) to ensure proper development of the master plan.


Ongoing Maintenance

A maintenance calendar is included with each master plan. This calendar helps with preventative maintenance tips for both existing elements and new additions to the landscape.


Landscape Consultation + Site Assessment + Drawings of 3 to 4 areas of the Landscape

Want more than one area of your yard addressed, but don’t need a fully detailed master plan with preliminary drawings and revisions?  This value-laden package is for you! It includes a site assessment plus drawings of 3-4 areas of the landscape, done on-site during a separate meeting. First we meet with you for the consultation and site assessment and then arrange a separate visit to the site to measure and draw out each of 3-4 areas (maximum) with all specifications. Sorry, but we do not offer changes to the drawings after they have been drawn and presented to you, and this package does not include the maintenance calendar or lighting details.