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April Blooms Need Special Care
  • Posted:
  • April 12, 2019

At lower elevations and in protected areas, the early bulbs of spring are popping up to paint the first strokes of color across the landscape. Some places are seeing crocus and hyacinths – and daffodils and tulips are soon to follow.

As we are well aware this week, April is (sort of) warming, but it can still be a time of heavy snow – and even a temperature dip into the deep freeze.

Protecting early-flowering bulbs

When the bulbs you planted last fall emerge as spring flowers, they’re doing what Mother Nature intended, and they are generally up to the challenge of the weather. Tulips can sustain light snows, for example. But none of the petals on these early bloomers can survive a hard freeze.

If the overnight temperature falls below 28 degrees, cover the early bloomers to protect the flowers.   

If you cover flowers and snow falls on top of the covering, the weight could crush the plants. To support the covering, place a few items taller than the flower stems to support the covering. Use household items like one-gallon planting pots or buckets.

Camelot Design can help you plant a “four season garden” so you have just the right plants growing, blooming, and thriving at the right time for Colorado weather.  Call or email us to learn more!