Sunny days ahead

Springtime in Colorado is a roller-coaster of weather, with warm, sunny days followed by blustery or snowy days with chilling temps. We can use the ups and downs of the temperature swings to accomplish different gardening tasks that will all pay off when the growing season is here to stay.

Many of us are staying home right now, so we can make the most of that time by improving our landscape. After all, landscapes have a direct impact on public health and gardening is an excellent physical activity, so it’s in our best interest to care for them so that we can reap their full benefits.

For the sunny, warm days

  • Clean up winter debris in and around the veggie garden and other bed areas.
  • Plant cool season veggies such as radishes, lettuce, spinach and kale.
  • Add compost and till garden areas where you will be planting warm season veggies and herbs later.
  • Do NOT prune any spring-flowering trees, shrubs or perennials. Fruit trees, crabapple trees and lilac are all in this do-not-touch category.
  • Fertilize emerging bulbs such as tulips and daffodils with a bulb fertilizer. If the lawn was not fertilized in the fall, fertilize on a nice spring day when moisture is in the forecast.

For the days you won’t go outside

  • Schedule services that you will not do yourself. These include spring activation of the sprinkler system, getting the lawn mower in the shop for maintenance and blade sharpening and aeration of the lawn.
  • If you are planning to renovate or do upgrades in your yard, schedule a time to meet virtually with a designer now so that you can get on someone’s schedule before they book up for the season.
  • Inventory tools and equipment—if you haven’t already. Sharpen shovels and hoes, replace handles and also replace worn-out equipment and implements. Recycle whatever you can. Some local schools are offering small engine repair and can use discarded metal for welding projects when they are back in session.
  • Review last year’s garden plan and revise this year’s plan accordingly. Learn from what worked last year and what didn’t.
  • Place online orders soon in order to have the best selection available.

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